Patrick Harness


Giclée Prints

A giclée is a state-of-the-art reproduction of an original painting or photograph. The French term “giclée” means roughly “fine spray” and signifies to the art buyer that the process and the materials used to create the print were intended for the fine art market.

The giclée is defined by three specifications: archival ink, archival substrate, and ultra-high resolution ink jet printing using variable size droplets. A giclée is created by a digital printer’s tiny ink jets that spray millions of droplets of water-based ink onto fine archival art paper.

All prints are signed, numbered and limited editions. They are shrink-wrapped and ready for framing. Custom sizes are available. My prints are produced exclusively by Dixon Graphics in Champaign, Illinois.

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Price List

40” x 30” $720

30” x 22.5” $400

28” x 22” $370

20” x 20” $240

20” x 16” $200

18” x 14” $150

15” x 15” $135

14” x 11” $90

10” x 10” $60