Patrick Harness



When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall

Oil on Canvas | 30" x 30" | $900

This is my vision of the trees on my street in early fall and after a heavy rain. The branches are almost black and there are still some green ones to remind us of the past summer. This usually happens around my birthday.

Reference #981305


October on White Street

Oil on Canvas | 30"x30" | $900

I started this on Halloween and my house actually looks like this. I know it looks somewhat ominous but I like it here and it's a great neighborhood.

Reference #99452


Spring Green

Oil on Canvas | 22"x28" | SOLD

This is a representation of a small farm outside of Mahomet. I had a snack while I was painting it. The birds from the Blue Willow bowl made it into the sky. The Goldfish crackers are represented in the pond. I consumed the models before the painting was complete.

Reference #89455


Girl Talk

Oil on Canvas | 30"x30" | SOLD

This is my adaption of a Fauxcasso style image. The collector who purchased this found that his wife hated the painting. Seems she hated the fact that he did not get her input before the purchase—a valuable life lesson for us all.

Reference #89159


Spring Quartet

Oil on Canvas | 22"x28" | SOLD

We have a wonderful event in Champaign every Spring which celebrates chamber music in unusual venues called DOCHA. It is free to the public and gives us access to world-class music. Check it out at

Reference #89218


French Kiss

Oil on Canvas | 30"x30" | $900

I started this painting in the dead of winter with the intent to create something warm and Spring like. A friend bet me I couldn't create a painting with a white background and I proved him wrong in intent, if not execution. The warm palette and the swirling motions inspired the title.

Reference #89126


Freedom from Want

Oil on Canvas | 40"x40" | $1600

This is my birthday celebration outside in downtown Champaign. The people depicted can recognize themselves and I had the forethought to take the picture, so I am not included in the painting. The title is borrowed from a famous Norman Rockwell painting which has always been a favorite of mine. It's worth a Google if you have the time.

Reference #89555


Violas in Bloom

Oil on Canvas | 24"x24" | $600

This is my vision of what a viola would look like if it grew in nature instead of being crafted by hand. The large opening allows it to soak up the music while it is ripening and the stems on the buds become tuning pegs. The branches incorporate into the body of the instrument to create the sounds holes. The top of the bloom closes to form the scroll. Yes, I watched a lot of Disney in my youth.

Reference #89433


Quilted Barbie

Oil on Canvas with Faux Pearls | 36"x36" | $1200

With a respectful nod to Andy Warhol, I picture this as a quilt that Barbie herself could have created if she liked to sew, or had an Amish background. Drawn from a real model, the pearls are faux.

Reference #85525FP


Funny Farm

Oil on Canvas | 28"x 28" | SOLD

Reference #56441


Orange and Blue

Oil on Canvas | 36" x 36" | SOLD

Created in the Fall this piece represents the seed pods of a mysterious mid-western plant. Using my two favorite colors was an easy choice and yes, I have seen Finding Nemo a number of times.

Reference #89112


Persian Nights

Pastel and Paint on 100% Rag Paper | 22" x 16" | SOLD

Reference #54583P


Pretty Poison

Oil on Canvas | 30" x 24" | SOLD

Reference #56401



Oil on Canvas | 30" x 30" | SOLD

Reference #88845


Take Five

Oil on Canvas | 36" x 36" | SOLD

Reference # 9214


Lyric Light Opera

Oil on Canvas | 12" x 48" | $650

Reference #70829



Oil on Canvas Framed | 22"x 28" | $900

Reference #88951F


Family Tree with Memories

Oil on canvas with Gold Leaf | 36"x36" | SOLD

Reference #88755GL



Oil on Canvas | 16"x20" | SOLD

Reference #89552


First Frost

Pastel on 100% Rag Paper | 16"x 24" | SOLD

Reference #5456


Little Shop of Florals

Oil on canvas | 30" x 40" | SOLD

Reference #66211


Strike Up the Band

Oil on gallery canvas | 36" x 36" | SOLD

Reference #70829


After the Nap

30" x 24" | Oil on Canvas | SOLD

Reference #67445


Haystacks: The Brain Trust

Oil on Canvas | 24" x 36" | SOLD

Reference #77852